Face and Body Sensation

Experience the perfect Elemis treatment duo, a sensational hot stone massage combined with a prescribed booster anti-ageing facial.
Choose from the unique Re-Energiser, an ‘ice-cool thermal' massage to relieve stress tension and ease aching muscles, or Tranquillity, a 'thermal-soothing' massage to induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind.  You will then be treated to your intensive booster anti-ageing facial, designed to smooth out wrinkles and restore youthful radiance:
• Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial
• Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial
• Visible Brilliance Facial
• Skin IQ+ Men’s Facial

Absolute Spa Ritual

The ultimate skin and body therapy for maximum results.
Choose from one of the unique Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing or Skin Solutions Facials and combine it with the powerful effects of the Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage.
Two hours of pure relaxation with dramatic results!

Submit your body to a powerful workout... without moving a muscle

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Deep rhythmic pressure massage.
Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customised massage. Dynamic blends of Essential Oils are prescribed to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.
Choose from:
• Stress-a-Way: Wind down and release the tension of the day
• Cellutox: A powerful surge to invigorate and recharge
• Muscle Ease: Relax and re-energise a tired and aching body
• Chakra Balancing: Reconnect your mind, body and soul

Deep Tissue Back Massage

Minimum time, maximum tension-relieving results. Specifically targeting the back, shoulders and neck areas, where you need it most.
Recommendation: 1 treatment per week.

Ease tension...with powerful massage sequences

**Coming Soon**
Aroma Stone Therapy
1hr 15mins

Warm Basalt stones to melt away tension.
Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the belly of the muscle for a completely new body experience.  Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation.
Recommendation: 1 treatment every 2 weeks.

Exotic ritual therapy...total mind and body indulgence

Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow

Invigorated, cleansed and polished to perfection.
A body exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise the body.  After light body brushing, warm oil is dripped luxuriously over the body, before the sublime Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied.  Skin is deeply cleansed and moisturised, leaving it glowing and vibrant, replenished and flawless.

Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap/Float

Pure sensuality to enliven the senses.
Warmed Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath is poured all over the body before being cocooned in a comforting foil wrap or unique dry float.  This opulent exotic therapy is excellent for skin smoothing and softening, all combined with a pressure point facial massage and de-stress scalp treatment.

Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap/Float

For immediate softness and suppleness.
Aromatic Tahitian Coconut and Frangipani flowers are soaked together to produce the Monoi which is poured all over the body and then cocooned in a nourishing foil wrap or unique dry float. Drenching the skin with moisture, this exotic therapy provides ultimate radiance, vitality and all over body glow.
Recommendation: 1 treatment every 3 weeks.

Detoxify and deep cleanse...to the deepest level

Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy

Redefine and smooth your silhouette.
Using the new clinically proven Elemis Body Sculpting System, your silhouette will be redefined. The Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum and Body Sculpting Firming Cream target stubborn cellulite and sagging skin, for visible, rapid results.
A detoxifying Fennel and Birch peel off body mask is also applied and combined with specialist massage techniques to deeply cleanse the body's systems, helping firm and smooth skin, stimulate circulation and reduce fluid retention. Cleansing of the colon through abdominal massage helps to detoxify the body, working from the inside out. Recommendation: 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks, then 1 per month for maintenance.

A precious gift...for mothers-to-be

**Coming Soon**
Elemis Mother-to-Be Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-Be
1hr 15mins

Massage adapted to each stage of pregnancy.
This inspirational therapy connects mother and baby through the power of touch, working with two heartbeats as one. Specialised positioning on the unique Elemis beanbag is used to ensure the ultimate in safety, comfort and relaxation.  Helping to relieve tension in the back and alleviating swelling in the hands and feet, while easing the mind and uplifting the spirit.
1 treatment every 2 weeks in 1st/2nd trimester.
1 treatment every week in 3rd trimester.

Fake Bake Tanning
New to the salon this summer, available as a spray tan or if you fancy a bit of a pamper a full body scrub with a cream application of tan too. Perfect for that gorgeous summer glow.

Home care is available too to keep up the glow at home!
Full body massage
55 mins
A massage to relax and regenerate or soothe away the stresses, aches and pains.
Aromatherapy full body massage
55 mins
A relaxing treatment tailor made for you, blended oils help you feel better whether it’s to uplift, calm, or soothe any poorly bits, i.e. Headaches, insomnia, tiredness or hormonal...
The stone therapy
55 mins
A lovely treatment that’s very unique. Hot stones are used all over to massage you with or, simply, lie on them on to concentrate on sore areas like the shoulders and base of the back. The stones help to realign the energy flow through your body leaving you feeling relaxed yet energized. The heat is amazing!
The stone therapy deluxe
1hr 25 mins
As above but with a lovely full body scrub, removing dead skin cells to brighten the skin and speed circulation up. Great for those hard to reach areas (and of course lovely to have it done for you).
Back, neck & shoulder massage
25 mins
Our neck and shoulders take most of life’s stresses, whether it’s physical or mental stress. This will help ease those muscles and relax you to get rid of that tension
Hopi ear candles
30 mins
A candle is gently placed into the ear and acts like a chimney to help draw out any impurities, rebalance your ears, remove the build up of wax, clear your sinuses and relieve headaches. A lovely soothing treatment.
1hr 15 mins per treatment
This is a fantastic treatment. It reduces the appearance of cellulite, firms and tones the muscles, detoxifies and remineralises with the added benefit of inch loss from targeted areas. Ionithermie can be tailored to meet you needs, we have the…
Cheek lift
For a perter lifted bottom.
The tummy trim
Tighten your tummy and waist.
Tummy and arm
For firming upper arms and reducing your waist.
Hip and thigh
Shrinks and smoothes the thighs.
Bust and arms
Firming upper arms and back, lifts and tightens the bust.
Hair removal
We know it’s a little ouch to have done but the results are well worth it. We use a kind crème wax which hurts a little less. We also recommend exfoliation the day before for the best results.
Bikini line tidy
Bikini line high leg and underneath bits
1/2 leg
3/4 leg
Full leg
Full leg including bikini line
Full arm Forearm

Have 3 or more areas waxed in the same appointment and receive a 10% discount.